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Below are just a selection of photographs from previous projects.


This project was to completely re-wire a factory production line to enhance hygiene working only at weekend shut downs fitting in between production.

We are proud to report that the machines were always ready on time, and the line now runs more reliably and cleaner than before.


Similar to above, another "before" , this production line was ready for Monday morning after a double shift operaiton to get it rewired on time.

Unfortunately due to the sensitive nature of the site, we couldnt take "after" photos on this occasion.

Panel Installation for a local customer. Distributing more than 1000A around the factory.
A control panel we designed and installed for a customer to control various processes, taking a number of inputs from around the factory.
Distribution boards at a local conference centre
This lighting design, for a staff canteen, emcompassed many different challenges both at design an installation stage. The choice of fitting was limited to the availability of lamps that could be encapsulated though the client wanted a high end feel. Additionally, encorperated within the design are a number of energy saving controls, but also bands of emergency lighting to cover exit routes. Although a 24hour a day facility, banks of lighting are controlled by the ambient light entering windows, and occupancy controls other areas. Other areas are quite strongly lit where hot processes are carried out, though still interlinked to safety systems.
A complete installation of a catering facility at a local educational establishment
Conferncing Facilities Conferncing Facilities
Conferncing Facilities
We'll add more photos over time - though often we've moved on to the next project when the time comes for "after" projects.  

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